Cindy Hyde-Smith is a lifelong conservative demonstrated by her strong voting record as a State Senator and her leadership as Mississippi’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce since 2012.

Strong Supporter of President Trump

Cindy is a strong, unwavering supporter of President Trump. She Co-Chaired the Trump Agriculture Policy Advisory Council during the presidential campaign, calling it “a great opportunity to bring America’s farmers’ voices to the table.”

Cindy has continued to work closely with the Trump Administration, including participating in key White House meetings with Vice-President Pence and USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue regarding the benefits of the tax cut legislation.

As Senator, Cindy will always put Mississippi first. She will work for our state’s people by:

  • Protecting the historic Trump tax cuts, which are unleashing a wave of booming economic growth and low unemployment across America.
  • Rolling back unnecessary regulations that get in the way of American farmers, workers, and small businesses.
  • Supporting President Trump’s immigration reform agenda, including building a wall on the southern border of the U.S.
  • Rebuilding America’s military and readiness by working with President Trump and our Republican majorities to make sure the military is stronger than ever.
  • Honoring the promises made to America’s veterans.
  • Championing Mississippi’s economy.
  • Finishing the fight to repeal Obamacare.
  • Protecting the 2nd Amendment.
  • Supporting the right to life of the unborn.

Leadership as Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce

As Commissioner since 2012, she’s been elected statewide as a Republican twice, including winning a 3-way Republican primary in 2011 without a runoff. She oversees the single largest economic sector of Mississippi—agriculture—and has delivered for Mississippi by:

  • Helping re-open the market in China for American beef exports.
  • Fighting for country-of-origin food labeling.
  • Leading efforts to ensure foreign catfish are inspected by USDA.
  • Streamlining government regulations to save Mississippi farmers and small businesses money.
  • Holding agency spending below 1% growth her entire tenure including zero growth multiple years.
  • Running the “model agency” according to the state legislature—based on performance and program effectiveness, saving taxpayer money.
  • Improving disaster preparedness.
  • Modernizing the agency with cost-saving technology.

Conservative Voting Record as a State Senator

As a lifelong conservative, Cindy brought her conservative values to the state legislature. Among her accomplishments:

  • Cindy led the fight to protect private property rights against eminent domain abuses.
  • Cindy was a strong supporter of tort reform, which ended lawsuit abuse in Mississippi, paving the way for more jobs and new businesses locating in Mississippi.
  • She’s supported fiscally conservative budget initiatives. When the recession hit America, Mississippi’s budget was deeply impacted. Cindy helped craft a budget that balanced by cutting spending, not borrowing more money.
  • Mississippi’s largest pro-business organization (BIPEC) has consistently rated her as a “business champion.” Over her time in the state legislature, she was among the highest rated senators on pro-business legislations.
  • She has a strong social conservative voting record with a 100% pro-life rating, and she’s a lifetime member of the NRA.