Investing in Agricultural Awareness and Preserving Heritage for the Future Generations

Agriculture and Forestry Museum

Raised and secured over $558,000 in private and federal funds for the Agriculture Museum Foundation to implement a three year master plan for infrastructure improvements and development including a new welcome center, renovation of children’s Carousel, Recreational Trails project, Erosion control and water management, and restoration of the Fortenberry-Parkman Farmstead.

Partnered with the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation to showcase Farm Families of Mississippi exhibit at the Agriculture and Forestry Museum. The exhibit showcases the importance and contributions of Mississippi agriculture and the significance of modern-day agriculture today as it was in the past.

Commissioner Hyde-Smith has lead the efforts to make major improvements to the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum. These efforts were not deterred when a devastating fire destroyed the Children’s Barnyard, Veterinary Infirmary, and maintenance shop on November 13,  2014. With the support and leadership of Commissioner Hyde-Smith, the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum Foundation has secured over $152,000 in private funding for rebuilding and improvement efforts. Over $23,000 of this was raised through the inaugural ‘Raising the Barn’ outdoor benefit concert.

Mississippi Fairgrounds

Secured private and government funds for improvement and renovations:

  • $200,000 stage from a private company to replace the 45 year old worn out stage in the Mississippi Coliseum.
  • $10 million in bond money from the Legislature for overall upgrading of the Fairgrounds
  • $3.6 million to build new restrooms at the Fairgrounds, renovate the National Guard Armory, and initiate construction projects to meet ADA compliance in the Mississippi Coliseum.

With increased promotion, social media, and good weather, the 2013 and 2014 Mississippi State Fairs experienced record high attendance of 706,884 attendees, nearly 24% of the State’s population.

Mississippi State Fair

Mississippi Farmers Market

Mississippi Farmers Market was voted one of the Best Farmers Markets in Mississippi by Mississippi Magazine. Since 2012 the number of farmers selling fresh produce and agricultural commodities increased by 59% resulting in an increase in Farmers Market attendance.

Farmers Market in Mississippi