Increase Markets for Our Farmers

Investing in Local Farming Innovations

Invested $1 million toward research, education, outreach, and promotion toward Specialty Crop programs resulting in a 38% increase in the number of Certified Farmers Markets assuring farmers sell safe and healthy products to consumers. Grower workshops were conducted, training 542 farmers and specialty vendors in social media, Farm to School workshops, Farmers Market management, and EBT seminars. This allowed the farmers to sell direct, increase profits, and connect with consumers and communities.

Investing in Farm to School

Connected schools with local farms so they could access fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. Increased markets and revenues through Farm to School program benefitted 115 farmers in $1.5 million in sales to schools across Mississippi.

Investing in Agritourism

Helped pass 2013 Agritourism legislation allowing 67 farmers/farm operations today to further diversify, attract the general public for tourism opportunities, and provide another stream for revenue generation.

Investing in Mississippi Exports

Increased export opportunities for specialty products producers through the Southern United States Trade Association. Signed a partnership agreement with the US Department of Commerce to increase trade and awareness of its economic benefits, and promote trade activities as job creation and growth strategies. Assisted 60 companies with education and export opportunities, including marketing of fresh produce and value added commodities to Canada.