Expand Consumer Protection

Meat Inspections

Monitoring Food Safety

Maintained a safe and affordable food supply for Mississippi families while ensuring fairness and equity in the marketplace and protecting fellow Mississippians through regulatory inspections. A food safety alert notification system using social media was implemented to warn consumers of food recalls and potential health risks. Inspectors are dispatched to perform recall-effective checks to ensure that recalled food products are removed from grocery store shelves.

Fighting Agriculture Theft

Raised public awareness of agriculture theft and importance of livestock brand registrations through a statewide educational campaign. Since 2012, our Agricultural Theft investigators cleared 39% of its 1,267 cases. Based on the $9.4 million property value reported stolen, our average recovery rate is 44% compared to the national average rate of 18%.

Ensuring Optimal Quality in the Food Supply

Strengthened enforcement with 80% increase in inspections under the MS Catfish Marketing Law and Country of Origin Labeling in grocery stores to assure consumers have a choice between domestic and foreign products.

Stronger Monitoring of Agricultural Commodities

Increased inspections and monitoring for both plant disease and insect pests affecting agricultural commodities resulting in additional market opportunities for our farmers and creating new jobs in agriculture.