Deliver Efficient and Effective Government

Increased Efficiency in the Department

Better Regulatory Inspections

Increased regulatory inspections without increase in staff through implementation of better operating procedures, better use of available technology and equipment, and cross training employees. Today Mississippi has become the 7th highest state in the country in the number of nationally certified weights and measures inspectors. For further information on this progress, click on the side graphic.

Improved Overall Agency Performance

While increasing efficiency in inspections, the agency’s budget increase request over the last four years on average was less than 1% per year including a zero budget increase request for the upcoming year. The agency was recognized by the Mississippi Legislature as one of the model agencies on measuring performance and program effectiveness of regulatory inspections.

Stronger Disaster Recovery Planning

Established an Emergency Management Protocol utilizing GPS to pin-point over 5,700 petroleum and retail food establishments in the state for use during disaster situations. Also in coordination with the State Veterinarian, the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce and the Mississippi Board of Animal Health implemented a multi-agency incident management plan to address potential High Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) impact on the poultry industry in Mississippi.

Increased Promotion of Mississippi Farmers and Agriculture Markets

Mississippi Agriculture magazinePublished a new and comprehensive agricultural magazine, a guide to Mississippi’s farms, food, and commerce, at no cost to the taxpayers. The annual publication was supported through advertisements and approximately 45,000 copies were distributed at no cost to the Agency. The magazine serves as an educational tool to increase awareness of the important role that agriculture plays in the local, state, and global economy.

Streamlined Agency’s Operations and Increased Productivity Through Innovation and Technology

  • Implemented E-Commerce systems so businesses can pay fees and purchase most permits and licenses over the Internet 24/7. Companies can save time and money by not having to submit stacks of paper forms and write manual checks each year. Agency is now more efficient by reducing paperwork and streamlining labor intensive tasks.
Mobile apps for Mississippi Department of Agriculture
  • Released four Mobile Apps to connect the public with agency offerings and services:
  • The Farmers Market app provides up to date information on Mississippi’s freshest seasonal fruits and vegetables. Users of the app can learn about growers and market vendors, search for restaurants using local produce, and view planting guide and other farmers markets.
  • The State Fair and the Dixie National Rodeo apps provide the public the best state fair and rodeo experience at the Mississippi Fairgrounds including the latest information on events, tickets, concerts, and livestock shows.
  • The Agritourism app provides information on agriculture tourism sites and nearby markets, restaurants and bakeries with local produce, venues, farm operations, and activities.
  • Increased promotion and recognition of Livestock shows at the State Fair and Dixie National using social media tools like the Push Notifications Texting System. The notifications provided a convenient way to let the show participants and their parents know when their event was coming up so they can get ready. With assistance from Mississippi State University’s Extension Service and Future Farmers of America, the system sent livestock updates, results, and show times via 133,000 text messages to over 1,000 patrons of the livestock shows.
  • Sponsored and promoted the Dixie National Rodeo via live stream video on Wrangler Network doubling viewership with online webcasts and giving people anywhere in the world an opportunity to experience a 50-year-old tradition in Mississippi.