Agency Efficiency & Effectiveness

Be more effective and responsive to the citizens and agriculture industries we serve through:

  • Adoption of performance based budgeting agency-wide to shift the focus from just measuring metrics to measuring program effectiveness of regulatory inspections and desired outcome results.
  • Strengthening our partnership with federal and state government agencies and increase agency participation with industry associations and agricultural entities that directly affect Mississippi agriculture and consumer protection.

Optimal Use of New Farming Technologies

Optimal Use of New Farming Technologies

Exploration of emerging technologies in agriculture to help farmers increase productivity and meet the demand for increasing manual labor with implementation of:

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to monitor real-time crop health and improve swath control of large fields
  • Farm automation including agricultural robots, precision agriculture, and equipment telematics for harvesting, fruit picking, plowing, soil maintenance, planting, irrigation, etc.

Quality Agriculture for all Mississippians

Continue to increase consumer protection, expand markets for farmers, provide opportunities for economic development, and maintain a safe affordable food supply for Mississippi families.

Educate the Future Workforce

Continue to promote the growth and expansion of Agricultural Education programs in Mississippi’s schools as they educate the future workforce for the agriculture industry in our state.

Continue to support the FFA and 4H programs in our communities, as they are designed to prepare and train our youth to be future leaders, advocates and professionals who will maintain a vibrant agricultural economy in Mississippi.

Help to provide opportunities for young people to experience various aspects of agriculture first-hand and instill the importance of agriculture in every aspect of their lives so that their families will assume an active role in contributing to and supporting Mississippi’s agricultural businesses

Future Investments in Agriculture Promotion and Improving Services to our Citizens

Continue to promote, improve visitor experience, and offer better services to all our patrons of the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum, Mississippi Farmers Market, and the Mississippi State Fairgrounds.

  • Secure additional funds to renovate and maintain the upkeep of all buildings.
  • Modernize facilities with kiosks, Wi-Fi, and digital signage technologies.

Renderings of Mississippi Coliseum with prospective renovations and improvements

Rendering of Mississippi Trade Mart with prospective renovations and improvements

Rendering of Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum Children’s Barn with prospective renovations and improvements

Rendering of Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum Welcome Center with prospective renovations and improvements